BBQ Skewers

It rained again today. And I HATE when it rains, not only because the rain just sucks, but most people wouldn’t use the barbeque. If your like me, you barbeque as much as you can in the summer. Not only does it taste better, your house won’t get even warmer AND you will have minimal dishes.

Today, I decided I really fuckin needed groceries. I’ve just been eating whatever I had made in the fridge and it was getting rough. Canada 150 is technically today, but it’s 130am.. So basically, because of this ‘super special day’, grocery stores had $1.50 deals on up the ying yang. I got some Top Sirloin from M&M Meats (Also picked up the Gluten Free Chicken Strips and the Gluten Free Cake because I am ridiculius), chicken breats, peppers, lettuce, and corn on the cob.

This morning when I woke up I decided I wanted skewers, which is weird because I’ve never made them, nor do I eat them often. Being the undecisive person I am, I made both chicken and beef. I am very picky so my skewers contained of just meat and peppers, but feel free to add whatever veggies you life (I still loved mine). Here is the list of ingredients I used in my marinade. I am REALLY made for throwing things together and hoping for the best, but I can’t say I’ve let myself down thus far.


4 Top Sirloin Steaks

4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breaat

4 Bell Peppers


Gluten Free Soy Sauce

Franks Hot Sauce

Lemon Juice

Granulated Garlic

Onion Power


Chili Powder

Brown Sugar



As I did two different meats, I decided to do them individually. Once the marinade was made, I chopped the steak and let it sit while I chopped all the peppers. Adding half of the peppers to the marinade, I let both these items sit for about 10 minutes. I added my bamboo skewers into a bowl of hot water, so they did not burn as easily on the barbeque. I loaded the skewers and set them on a plate while I washed the bowl and prepared the chicken.

Same directions for the chicken skewers, make the marinade then add both the chicken and peppers. Allow to sit for about 10 minutes. Loaded up the skewers and off to the barbeque they went.

I let my beef skewers grill at about 350-400 for about 20 minutes, as I like my steak well done (no red at all) and my chicken skewers at 350-400 for 15 minutes (I double checked the inside was cooked on the larger pieces).

As I made such a big portion, I froze about 75%, so now when I’m hungry I’m not scraping together snacks.



(I do not have exact measurements of the ingredients I used. As the same amount of chopped meat was not the produced for both types, the amount of marinade ingredients I used varied.)


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