During my trip to Quebec City, it was so easy to find Gluten Free Food!!

My boyfriend and I skipped the Country singers at our festival to find some food and wonder around Old Quebec. After walking up and down a strip with many patios, we realized we could walk around all night and not choose a place. We decided to stop and I used the “Find Me GF” App to see what resturants were recommended near me. Sapristi was #1. After reading only one review, I made up my mind. Gluten Free Mac n Cheese was all I needed to see.. So off we went.
This was the first resturant on the strip so it was easy to find. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the music. Upon looking at the menu, I noticed they offered all pastas and pizzas in a gluten free option. Pizza was an extra 2$ and Pasta was an extra 3$, but my waiter forgot to charge me 3$ for my pasta but I wasnt complaining… 

Overall, it was REALLY good. The sauce was a creamy 5 cheese blend and bacon was also added. I would return without a doubt. 


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